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Day 136:  Dish Restaurant
Dish Restaurant featured on 365 Things To Do is a great place to find breakfast dishes with a twist. [more]
Day 135: National Curiosity Day
Get out for day of fun and curiosity! Visit Vroman's Hastings Ranch bookstore and celebrate the 70th [more]
DAY 134:  Pasadena’s Taco Station
Taco Station based in the historic "vintage-inspired" filling station in Pasadena is a fun local han [more]
Day 133: Root Beer Making
Learn the science behind the classic root beer drink and make your own batch to take home! Don't mis [more]
Day 132: Sierra Madre Wine Jazz Walk
5th Annual Sierra Madre Wine & Jazz Walk will be held on Saturday, October 9th in the Sierra Madre d [more]
Day 131:  Pasadena Lower Arroyo Nature Park
Nothing helps soothe the soul, relax the mind or provides an escape from the cement sidewalks and co [more]
Enjoy the novels of Nicholas Sparks? Join the discussion and signing of his latest novel taking plac [more]
Day 129:  Taste of Pasadena
Sample your way through Old Pasadena's finest restaurants on a walking taste tour! [more]
Day 128:  Eagle Rock Music Festival
If you enjoy music, festivals and community events, venture just a little west of Pasadena to the Lo [more]
Enthusiastic astronomers will be on hand with large-scale professional telescopes for the public to [more]