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Solar-Powered Trash Compactors In Pasadena

With 40 new Big Belly solar-powered trash compactors installed in Pasadena’s most traveled pedestrian areas, everyone can dispose of their incidental waste conveniently while helping the city save energy.

By crushing discarded materials into a solid mass, each receptacle is able to hold about 200 gallons of trash – five times as much waste as a standard public trash receptacle.

While a standard receptacle requires daily pickup, Big Belly compactors need only weekly pickup, resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

The portable compactors, now 50 in total, are cordless, self-charging, solar-powered and energy-efficient.

The high-tech trash compactors were installed in public rights of way by the Street Maintenance and Integrated Waste Management Division of the Pasadena Public Works Department and mark another effort to bring sustainable practices to the city.  Nearest intersections are shown below:

Locations (nearest intersections) of 40 new Big Belly trash compactors in Pasadena


Washington/Bresee (Connal’s)

South Lake/Cordova (Colonnade)

North Fair Oaks/Maple (Stanley & Edmondson)

California/Orange Grove (Bus Stop)

Walnut/Garfield (Pasadena Central Library)

Colorado/Bonnie (Penny Lane)

Colorado/Hill (Former Pasadena Ford)

Colorado/Lake (Bank of America)

Colorado/Mentor (Subway)

Colorado/San Gabriel (7-11 Store)

Colorado/Marion (PCC)

Fair Oaks/California (UPS Store)

Fair Oaks/Washington (Kings Villages)

Foothill/Halstead (Fire Station 37)

Foothill/Rosemead (Citibank)

Garfield/Ramona (Hale Building/Permit Center)

Fair Oaks/Tremont (Public Health Department)

Hill/Green (Hill Avenue Branch Library)

Fair Oaks/Hammond (Jackie Robinson Center)

Arroyo Boulevard (Kidspace/Brookside Park)

Raymond/Washington (La Pintoresca)

Lake/California (Winchell’s)

Lake/Green (Starbucks)

Lake/Mountain (Popeye’s)

Lake/Orange Grove (76 Station)

Lake/Orange Grove (7-11 Store)

Lake/San Pasqual (Jamba Juice)

Lake/Villa (Job Center)

Lake/Howard (Louisiana Fried Chicken)

Lincoln/Orange Grove (Market)

Lincoln/Tremont (Bus Stop)

Lincoln/Montana (Bus Stop)

Los Robles/Mountain (Bus Stop)

Los Robles/Green (Dentist Office)

Fair Oaks/Orange Grove (Church’s)

Lake/Washington (76 Station)

Walnut/Garfield (Pasadena Courthouse)

Rose Bowl Drive/Seco (Rose Bowl Area H)

Colorado/Hill (PCC)

Lake/Washington (Food for Less)

Fair Oaks/Orange Grove (Foot Action)

Paloma/Altadena Drive (Victory Park)

Villa/Euclid (Villa-Parke)

Washington/Hill (Bus Stop)

Washington/Lincoln (Business Park)

Washington/Allen (Mission Tobacco)


NEWS FOR RELEASE:  July 22, 2010

MEDIA CONTACT:  Gabriel Silva, Public Works Department, (626) 744-4721

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