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Social Media Revolution: Changing the Way Real Estate is Sold and Bought

Social media… Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, LinkedIn, Pinterest

Is your home listed on all these sites?  Is it listed on some?  Has your real estate agent syndicated your listing to real estate sites across the nation?  Internationally?

Did your Pasadena home for sale been tweeted? (If you don’t know what it means – watch the video!) Promoted on-line?  Not just listed in the Multiple Listing Service?

If not, they should!  Why?  Take a look at the video below.  Social Media is a true Revolution.  It is changing the way we communicate, meet people, sell products.  It is changing the way real estate is being sold.

Need I say more?

If you are ready to experience a new way of buying or selling your Pasadena home, give us a call. Our team has been on the leading edge of all social media marketing. We specialize in applying the latest innovative technology with old fashioned customer service and negotiation.

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