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Real Estate Going High-Tech: New Processes to Make Home Buyer and Home Seller Experiences Top Notch

I was fortunate to attend the National Association of Realtor’s (NAR) convention ealrier this month in San Diego. More than 20,000 US real estate agents and over 1,000 international Realtors™ were in attendance. It’s always an exciting experience to meet agents from around the nation and world to share and learn new real estate practices.

Because of this trip and our goal to constantly improve our real estate delivery services, my real estate team will be implementing the following processes to streamline our home buyer and home seller experience:

1. We have partnered with DocuSign, an electronic signature service. No longer will our clients need to worry about faxing and scanning documents when signatures are required. This service will allow us to not only provide the latest in technology and ease of signature, but will also allow us to respond quicker to both buyers and sellers. In real estate, where timing is of the essence and a delay can mean a loss of a home, I am very excited to be able to offer this service to our clients.

Call Pasadena Real Estate Agent2. GoogleVoice – we have set up a GoogleVoice account that will help our real estate customers find us faster and even dial us from the website. This service will help promote our home seller’s listings, capture all buyer calls and just be much more readily available to consumers. GoogleVoice will also provide us with an auto transcribe service which will help my real estate team document and track all voicemail messages.

3. Open House and Broker Caravan Tour tracking – We are getting ready to roll out a website that will capture photos of homes for sale in the Pasadena and neighboring cities as they are held open first to the real estate community and then to the public. This website will provide insite into new homes for sale with photos and commentary that is not in the MLS system.

4. Buyer Home-Buying On-Line Diaries – This service will also be rolled out shortly. Every home buyer working with me or one of my real estate agents will get their very own on-line home buying diary. As we visit homes, we’ll take pictures, make notations and that will be immediately updated to a password protected website that is accessed only by you (unless of course, you’d like to give access to your friends and family – that’s doable too!) Sometimes when we visit homes after the first two appointments, it gets a little hard to remember what you liked or disliked about the house. With this service, the experience of buying a home will be more fun and memorable!

Let me know what you think about our new real estate services and we look forward to helping you with your next purchase or sale of your home, condo or townhome.

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