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Pies and Fries?

Brothers Pies & Fries Collage Pasadena

Yes Siree!  Not the apple pie type, but the East Coast pizza pies!  Thin crust layered with your choice of toppings, these pizza pies are making a name for themselves in Old Pasadena!

Brothers’ Pies n’ Fries opened a few months ago in Mills Alley, the cute little cut through between Green Street and Colorado Blvd just a few store fronts away from Burke Williams and around the corner from the Apple Store.  Can you imagine getting a massage and then stopping by to get one of these babies – sacrilege!  Oops… I digress… This “hole in the wall” is a perfect combination of fantastic service with a smile and fast, delicious treats.

Opened by three brothers (the name says it all) who wanted to bring “time tested recipes of New York style pizza and hand-cut “boardwalk fries” from Southern Delaware make BPNF a standout on everyone’s taste buds.”

I stopped by last week to try their fries and luckily one of the brothers was there to offer a special sampling.  I’ve tried most of them from Brothers Style to  Maryland Style (reminded me of spice mixture that you’d put on shrimp and seafood) to Pizza Fries (smothered in hot tomato sauce and cheese) to a girl’s dream of Malt Vinegar Gourmet Fries.  Thought malt vinegar will be the winner, but I have to say that I loved the spices on the Brothers Style ones – YUUUUUMMY!  So… if you are a fries fan, head out for your own tasting.

I have not tried their pizza yet, but my office buddies and Ellie who was with me for the tasting, absolutely love it and it’s a regular lunch order for many in the area.

Have you been to Brothers’ Pies n’ Fries?  What is your favorite item on the menu?

Brothers’ Pies n’ Fries
36 West Colorado Blvd #5 (actually in the Mills Alley- see above)
Pasadena, California
(626) 844-4343

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