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Laurie Manny – Her Light is Gone… Her Legacy Continues…

Wednesday afternoon at just before 2:30 pm, I found out that one of my dearest friends Laurie Manny is no longer with us.  She was taken from us suddenly and unexpectedly.

Laurie was a New Yorker

Even though Laurie has made her name as the queen of Long Beach real estate, the reason I start with this, is because when you think of all the fire and energy that New Yorkers have, you’ll understand a bit of what it was like being around Laurie.

  • She had passion and strong convictions, especially when it came to the real estate industry.
  • She had the desire and will to change the world.
  • She wanted to do what was right.
  • She wanted people to think, not follow blindly.

Laurie was an extremely loyal friend

I could always count on Laurie to be there for me whether it was just a quick chat to say hello or to lend a helping had and provide advice on issues that I was dealing with.  She was a bit of a mother hen… always wanting to make sure that everyone was fine.  And, I knew that she always had my back.

Laurie Manny Active Rain 1st Anniversary
First time I met Laurie at Long Beach on Active Rain’s 1st Anniversary. From Left: Ana Connell, Laurie Manny and I.

Laurie was a connector

Laurie had a knack for bringing people together.  Interesting, as I reflect on the last several years and the trials and tribulations that she, I and a group of other real estate friends went through with starting our real estate blogs, Laurie was always the one sending emails, asking questions and prodding us along to make the right decisions.  She had a special relationship with each of us and was able to bring us all together time after time after time.  There was not a month that would go by without her connecting with us and reminding us that we had each other to fall back on.

Laurie was a mentor

Laurie in power red with Ricardo Bueno and Ana Connell

Laurie was always learning, sharing and teaching.  She was the one that truly helped me along with my blogging efforts at the very beginning and every day since…  Not only did she share with me, but she shared with the entire real estate community.  I remember when she stopped by the REBarCamp in Pasadena that I was organizing last year and made a passionate closing session speech about our industry, where it is going and how we need to be in charge of our own destiny.  The picture above is from the evening after the REBarCamp when we were all relaxing in Old Pasadena.

There is just so much to say about Laurie and it is so hard to write right now… Laurie will be forever in my heart…

Laurie was one of a kind…  Laurie was Laurie…

A unique and strong voice in a sea of anonymity.

And… I’m lucky to say that she was my friend…

Laurie, I will miss you dearly… Rest in peace girlfriend.

UPDATE: If you’d like to send a card to Laurie’s family, please send it to the address below:

Manny Family
c/o Colleen Kulikowski
Keller Williams Realty
4955 N. Bailey Avenue Suite 100
Buffalo NY 14226

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