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Happy New Year – Pasadena Greets 2010 in it’s Rose Parade Style

Rose Parade 2010 in Pasadena CaliforniaHappy New Year Everyone!!!!

For those of you that know me personally, know that welcoming the New Year and celebrating on New Year’s Eve is a huge big thing for me.   We’re talking a major celebration with presents, gourmet dinners, family and friends.

Since it takes me a day or two to prep for the evening and then a day or two to come back to life after the party, I’ve had to watch the Rose Parade on TV when I woke up around 11 am yesterday and look at the photos and write ups on my friends’  local blogs.

So, here’s a recap of the Rose Parade as seen through the eyes of Pasadena bloggers:

Mike from Cafe Pasadena and PasadenaViews contributor had a fantastic post with tons of photos here at The Rose Parade has begun.

KCH Blog captured the Best 2010 Rose Parade Moments – I don’t know how Christie did it, but I swear she had the best seat in all of Pasadena to take these photos.

Ben Wilde of The Sky is Big in Pasadena captured a whole series of shots which you can find here and here.

Did you write a post about the Rose Parade?  Include it in the comments below.

Thanks to all and here’s to a fantastic 2010!!!
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