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Day 300: Fargo Street Challenge

Day 300 of 365 Things To Do AROUND Pasadena takes us to Fargo Street in Echo Park/Silverlake area.  Fargo street is the steepest street in Los Angeles with a grade of 32 to 33 degrees.  It’s very short only one block.

Fargo Street is also the location for the Fargo Street Hill Climb each March presented by Los Angeles Wheelmen! But, the folks are not climbing, they are riding… their bike that is!  We missed the Hill Climb this year since it took place last Sunday, but let’s not let it faze us… we can practice for next year, right?

Fargo Street Echo Park

Photo by ingipet via Flickr

Every year, Los Angeles Wheelmen challenge themselves to see how many times they can ride up Fargo Street in one day. Well… you don’t need to have a Hill Climb for it. Test yourself… whether you are walking or riding, Fargo Street seems to be the place to test your strength and endurance.

If you’re interested, however, the record for riding up the street the most number of times is held by Steve Gilmore who in 2008 rode up it 101 times!

Where is Fargo Street? Near the south end of the Glendale (2) freeway, in the Silverlake/Echo Park area of Los Angeles. The cross street is Allesandro St. Thomas Guide page 594 E-5.

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