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Everything looked good until…

by Ricardo Bueno

Ok, so when you walk into your hotel room, what’s the first thing you do? What’s the first thing you look at? Now think about it for a second. Sure you glance at the room (which is basically your bedroom), but what’s the first thing you do? You head straight for the bathroom! You check it out and you criticize it. Right?! I know I do.

Now Derek Overby is a cool guy; he’s the Sr. Director of Parntership Strategy at Roost.com. And I’m introducing him to you because he asked an interesting question the other day:

“What part of a home do you like most?”

So when you check out your hotel room, you scope out the bathroom (c’mon, we all do and it shapes our perception of the hotel we’re staying at; at least on some level). Now the same might not apply when you’re shopping around for homes. The bathroom might not necessarily be the first thing you look at but I know that it shapes my perception of the home nonetheless. The house I’m looking at might have a sleak living room, a spankin’ kitchen, a decent garage, an awesome bedroom… But, if the bathroom looks like this [photo pictured below]. “Honey, let’s get the heck outta here. Now!”

[Photo courtesy of: ITECH MLS]

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