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Earthquake Safety in Pasadena

keep your home safe in an earthquakeWe had a few tremors in Pasadena over the last week or so which is always a reminder that living in California will always provide a bit of rock’n’roll, the expected and unexpected kind.  We are also fortunate to have Caltech right in the middle of our beautiful city and Kate Hutton, lovingly known as the Caltech earthquake lady, available to the media and the rest of the country with answers to the numerous earthquake questions.

With Pasadena property values on the rise and the average home selling for close to $800,000 in February of 2014, protecting your real estate assets is quite important. And, of course, being personally prepared to handle a natural disaster from 3 days to a week, on your own, without city personnel’s help, is critical.  So… to this end, our Pasadena Views Real Estate Team put up a post on one of our sites with some safety and preparedness tips.  You can read the full earthquake preparedness post here.

Here’s an excerpt:

“By keeping updated with the news and also by receiving alerts you have a better chance to prepare yourself and everyone in your home for what actions to take. The City of Pasadena offers their residents a Local Emergency Alert System called PLEAS. By signing up to PLEAS you will receive both voice messages and text messages incase of a citywide or major emergency. To get more information about PLEAS, go to www.cityofpasadena.net/Fire/PLEAS/”

If you need help buying a home, please visit us on our real-time updated search site at Pasadena homes for sale site.  If you’re thinking of selling your home, you can get your questions answered on our How to Sell A House page.

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