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Discover Pasadena’s Hidden Waterfall


Did you know that there is a waterfall nestled right here in Pasadena!! If you didn’t don’t feel bad. Pasadena has been a huge part of my life and I never even knew that this little majestic paradise existed until 4th of July weekend!

Wanting to be adventurous and do something I hadn’t done before I asked my partner in crime if we could celebrate our fourth of July weekend by getting out and experiencing nature.

Being a true gentleman, he answered my request and what I got was a lovely surprise in the form a hike and to my delight a beautiful waterfall was waiting for us at the end of our journey.

A trip to Pasadena’s Eaton Canyon is a wonderful way to get out into the sun, get some fresh air and experience some spectacular scenery. You definitely want to consider going earlier in the day rather than in the middle of the afternoon. It will be cooler and you will get a few breaks of shade as you make your way up to the falls.


Be sure to apply your sun screen! Pack some water and light snacks then hit the trail! The hike is about a mile and half each way, you start off easy on a smooth dirt trail, you hike on a little bit of an incline as you enter into the canyon, you will certainly put your balancing skills to use as you skip across some rocks to get a little deeper into the canyon and before you know it, you’re sitting around the refreshing atmosphere of Eaton Canyon Falls. The waterfall bed is definitely cold and rejuvenating, but after you’ve made your way up there it is the perfect place to cool down and take in the beauty. Don’t leave your swimming attire at home you’re going to need it!

This is the perfect way to get the family out for some fresh air and a little exercise. Lots of families with children and the family pets were on the trail along side us, and you do come across a few creeks as you are headed to falls in case you would like to take a moment to sit and enjoy nature.

Since its warm out, most of streams you would usually encounter are dry as you make your way up, we didn’t get wet one bit the whole way up!

I would definitely recommend you take a trip up to Eaton Canyon if you haven’t experienced yet. Just head up Altadena Dr. and you can’t miss it!

Although we were mostly accompanied by beautiful butterflies fluttering around us throughout our morning on our way back down a lovely garden snake decided to make its presence known and slither out across the trail. Butterflies and waterfalls and snakes Oh My!!

Be sure to let me know what YOU encountered on your trip out to Eaton Canyon.


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