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Day 328: Seafood Grill

Seafood Grill in Pasadena

We have been having spectacular weather lately, but  today feels kinda like an overcast day at the beach.

All week for some reason I have had the beach on my mind!  I start thinking beach, then I start thinking seafood. That, is how we end up taking a seafood adventure which we share with you on day 328 of 365 Things To Do in Pasadena.

Seafood Grill in Pasadena

I had stumbled upon Seafood Grill on yelp and thought, this place is worth a visit.

You walk in and you’re greeted by vibrant colors and eye catching menu displays. Take a look around because that is how you are going to decide what to eat!

Menu options and specials are written on the walls and above the register where you will place your order.

I decided to go with the Fried Fish Taco Combo and placed my order to go.

Fish Taco Combo from Seafood Grill in Pasadena

Fish Taco Combo comes with 2 tacos, chips, and a soft drink for $6.53 including tax.

I enjoyed my lunch very much, the portion size of the tacos and fish was great! They went a little heavy on the cabbage and tartar sauce(which I’m not a huge fan of on my fish tacos), but a little scooping out of the extra items and I was more than content! The fish was cooked well and the flavor on the chips was a good compliment to the tacos.

There was also a condiment bar available for you to add salsa and other sauces and fixings to your food, and they had plenty of to-go containers handy. I went with some salsa, lemon, & cilantro it was delicious!

The atmosphere inside is casual, there is more private dining available towards the rear of the restaurant. They have tv’s posted up for you to take in your favorite sports games and there is also a variety of beers to choose from if you are dining in.

They offer a good selection of items on their menu from Sushi Rolls, Teriyaki entrees and Fried, Grilled & Charbroiled Seafood.

If you are ever in Old Pasadena and are in the mood for a casual seafood lunch or diner spot. I would suggest you give Sea Food Grill a try! 🙂

Seafood Grill
124 E. California Blvd.
Pasadena, 91105
(626) 584-1120

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