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Day 113: Historic Castle Green

Yesterday early evening, I was walking down South Raymond in Pasadena and was mesmerized by the historic Castle Green. It is by far one of the most romantic and mysterious buildings in Pasadena. Going with our romantic places theme, I just had to include this beautiful architectural landmark. In fact, Castle Green is listed with the National Register of Historic Places.

Castle Green was built in 1898 as an annex to the resort Hotel Green. It was connected to the Hotel Green by an enclosed bridge that crossed Raymond.  It now ends in the small tower that can be seen when facing Castle Green from Raymond.

Frederick Roehrig was the architect for Castle Green.  It was the 2nd in 3 buildings built for the wealthy who loved vacationing in sunny California in this one of a kind, lavish 19th century resort.  Castle Green was actually known as the “Central Annex”.  The building itself combines several architectural elements.  The exterior is in the Mediterranean Revival style while many of its interior rooms are incorporating the Moorish Revival style which has its basis in Islamic architecture developed in North Africa and South-Western Europe.

Today, the Castle Green Apartments are one of the oldest standing historic landmarks in Los Angeles County, and have many of the original features from its construction including the oldest wrought iron elevator on the west coast, gorgeous plaster, moldings, hand carved fireplace mantles, grills and wood moldings, and original lighting.  Castle Green was turned into Condominiums in later years and is open to the public twice a year.  We missed the June tour, but another tour will be coming up in December.

Source:  Wikepedia

UPDATE:  See information on 2010 holiday tour of Castle Green here.

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For those of you interested in a more spiritual aspect of Castle Green, check out Shadowlands site which lists haunted homes around Southern California.  For Castle Green, the following psychic activities have been reported:

There have been doorknobs that turned when no one was in the hall. Shadows passing under doors. Footsteps heard when no one is around. Faucets turned on in some apartments… heavy perfumes, chains, smells rattling. Some apartments are more haunted than others.


Castle Green

99 South Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, California

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