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Day 141:Halloween Haunts & Thrills

The  Holiday season is upon us!

What better way to celebrate Day 141 of 365 Things to do in Pasadena,  then offer up some of  the exciting ways to get your chills and spooky thrills this Halloween month!

We begin with Old Town Haunt:

Pasadena’s award winning scariest haunted house. Descend into the haunted basement of the Union Saving Bank Building where mysterious happenings have taken place during the buildings 107 year history…Tours begin Friday, October 1st. See website for details.

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History of The Old Town Haunt:

The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride @Griffith Park:

Built in the early 1900’s, the small zoo quickly became the buzz of the community.  It was home to bears, monkeys, tigers, exotic birds, and lions. Roars, growls, and moans could be heard throughout the canyons nightly.  The Clifton family resided on the property as Mr. Clifton was the zookeeper who was on the grounds at all times.
Shortly, after the zoo opened the animals started to exhibit behavior changes.  Unexplained events of violence started hitting the papers where patrons were being killed and animals were going missing. The community was in a state of panic and rumors of demons and what this location had once been began to spread.

An area resident claimed that the zoo had been built on unholy land that at one time had been the site of cult sacrifice. So the community built the biggest church they could build right at the entrance to the zoo.

On October 9th 1910, the entire community packed into the church.  As the priest declared death to the evil that was inevitably present, the doors locked and the church erupted into a mass of flames. The church burnt down and all that was left was the frame and some pews with the burnt remains of those who were not lucky enough to escape.

Now, as this year marks the 100th anniversary of that tragic burning and the demise of so many, the zoo rests empty.  However, it has been said that those who perished that night remain on the grounds still trying to drive the evil out, yet it is they who will not leave.  The zookeeper and his family are often seen keeping a vigil of the property and animals, however, there have been no animals present for 100 years.

Do you DARE to mark the 100th anniversary by taking a ride on a tractor driven carriage filled with hay through the old zoo?

Haunted Hollywood Scavenger Hunt:

Did you know the Los Angeles is considered the #5 Most  Haunted City in the US? Many of L.A.’s tortured souls still haunt Hollywood Boulevard.  Uncover  these ghosts and spirits as you participate in the Haunted Hollywood Scavenger Hunt.  Team up to uncover the haunting secrets of Hollywood. The Hunt stars the ghosts of the Roosevelt and  the Knickerbocker Hotel. Theaters and other secret locations revealed during the hunt.  No prior ghost hunting knowledge is required, but a flashlight is helpful. The twist this year… the hunt begins in a mysterious, hidden Hollywood speakeasy!!!

Will you be attending any ghostly gathering grounds this October? If so we hope you will share your pictures and adventures with us!

Happy Haunting Pasadena!

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