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Day 227: Geocaching

Adventure hunting in Pasadena

Geo What?

That’s right, day 227 of 365 Things To Do in Pasadena sends you off Geocaching!

It’s like a scavenger hunt. This will give a bit more explanation! 😉

My fiance and I heard about this from one of our cousins, so we decided to head out with some friends and try our hand at finding a cache!

It was pouring rain when we went out but that didn’t stop us.  We were determined to find our first cache and see what this was all about.

We started our search in San Gabriel. Our first location was a little bit of a disappointment, we didn’t find it and we were followed by a very eerie spectator.

When seeking the caches you want to be discrete. If too many people see you, they may be tempted to follow in your footsteps and take the cache not knowing what it is and either throw it away or move it. They need to placed back exactly where they are found so that other seekers have to opportunity to find it and log it on their hunt.

Moving on, we tried our hand at a different location, we went in search of the “All Washed Up” cache also in San Gabriel. Eureka!  We found our very first one! We were very excited, we found it and ran back to our truck to take a closer look at our hidden treasure. We opened it up and found logs of all the other seekers who had hunted it before us. There were entries dating back to 2005!

Later we logged onto our online account and updated the fact that we had found it. Shortly after, we were contacted by the team that hid it. They were excited that theirs was the first cache we found, shared with us that it was the very first treasure they hid and welcomed us to the community.

The whole experience was so much fun! We ended up finding 3 of 4 that day. Not bad for a bunch of rookies in the rain! 😉

These caches are hidden all over the world!

So, if your looking for a fun family adventure or maybe a good way to entertain some out of town guests grab your GPS and head out on a Geocaching adventure.

If you ever come across the log entry of The Team or The Tunas. You’ll know your very own Pasadena Views Team member Lila Marie was there!

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