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Day 303: Derek’s Bistro

Day 303 of 365 Things To Do In Pasadena takes us to Derek’s Bistro.¬† Derek’s Bistro is truly one of the hidden gems in Pasadena. Located in a non-descript corner shopping center, I was pleasantly surprised by its charm and romantic atmosphere.

Derek's Bistro

From intimate three table rooms to large and inviting rooms perfect for celebrating special occasions or corporate functions, Derek’s Bistro seems to have captured a large following with raving fans. The service is outstanding and the owner Tony Auer is attentive.

Dinner started with complimentary amuse-gueule of crab spread on a light chip with cucumber soup in caviar served in a red espresso cup. For a bread lover like me, the sight of freshly baked, crusty bread presented with butter and a side of salt was enough, to almost, forego my main course and just enjoy the bread and conversation.


bread and butter

However, my beautifully plated main course of duck breast with polenta confit and perfectly cooked brussel sprout kebab reinspired me to continue my sampling of Chef James Lambrinos delicacies.

Pan seared duck

And, for dessert, the famed bread pudding in caramel sauce hit just the right spot.
bread pudding

Hot Drinks

If you’re interested in stopping by for cocktails, Derek’s Bistro has a great bar nestled next to a lovely brick fireplace.

On March 17th, Derek’s is celbrating St. Pat’s Day with a special menu offering simple fare like Beer Cheese Soup… Smoked Salmon… Chips.

If you’d like something a bit more hearty, you’re in luck since Sheperd’s Pie, Lamb Stew, Banger’s and Mash and of course, Corned Beef and Cabbage are on the menu!

For sophisticated dining or a romantic date, give Derek’s a try, but beware that it is quite pricey. Take a look at the menu and pricing at their website.

Derek’s Bistro
183 E Glenarm St
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 799-5252

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