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Day 90: Daisy Mint

Have you been craving some fresh, tasty Pad Thai or maybe some salivating Devil Red Curry?  If so, consider checking out Daisy Mint: the restaurant to go to on day 90 of 365 Things to do in Pasadena™.

Daisy Mint, a popular Asian restaurant, is a one of kind restaurant with over 300 reviews and a four star overall rating on Yelp!

Daisy Mint

Before I mention all the little details, I have to mention one of the COOLEST THINGS ABOUT DAISY MINT.  They allow you to bring your own alcoholic beverages (a couple beers or a nice bottle of wine) for FREE! What is even better is that there is NO CORKAGE FEE AT ALL. How many restaurants do you know that allow this?  Probably… nada, nessuno, NONE!

Moving onto the details… this restaurant is located about 2 blocks West of Pasadena City College or one block east of Michael’s Crafts store on 1218 E Colorado Blvd in Pasadena.

The great thing about their location is that parking is almost always available, which is quite rare in huge cities like L.A. as we all know!  What’s even better is if you park after 6 P.M. (on the street) then it is free!  There is also parking available in the back of their building.

Before you head out to the restaurant, I suggest you make a reservation earlier in the day.  The first reason is because this is one crazy and busy place.  The second is because you have to wait to be seated (which is most of the time), and there is no real waiting area.

When you first walk in, you will see a dining room, and further in the back there is an outdoor patio.

Daisy Mint is a small restaurant with an adorable, vintage decor.  That being said… it is a small place… so it does get cramped and stuffy quite often.  The tables are lined up right next to each other, so you’re likely to hear the conversations of the other customers right next to you.  This can be fun for some who like to join in conversations, or a headache for others!  😉

Daisy Mint

They have a variety of Thai, Chinese, and Korean inspired dishes.  The Pad Thai is a hit… and they also specialize in a lot of different curries!

Daisy Mint is home to all sorts of food from Spring Rolls, Spicy Eggplant, Pad See Ew with Beef, Egg Fried Rice with Pork, to a scrumptious Fried Banana Roti!

So, give Daisy Mint a try for their delicious Asian Fusion Cuisine!


Daisy Mint LLC
1218 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91106-1842
(626) 792-2999

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