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Day 88: Cafe Bizou

Check out this cute cafe right smack in the middle of Old Town, Pasadena.

UPDATE:  Unfortunately Cafe Bizou went a bit down hill since this write up.  See my latest experience at Cafe Bizou and eat at your own risk.  

Day 88 of 365 Things to do in Pasadena™ brings us to Cafe Bizou… a nice restaurant that you will not want to miss!

Cafe Bizou Food
1st Pic: Salmon with Citrus Salsa, 2nd Pic: Sesame Coated Salmon, 3rd Pic: Beef Short Ribs (ALL DELICIOUS)

From delicately cooked Salmon with Citrus Salsa to a soft and fluffy Flour-less Chocolate Cake… Cafe Bizou has it all.

Cafe Bizou is a great place for a casual lunch with friends, or on the other side of the spectrum… a nice date or special occasion.  It is a little fancy, but not to the point of being pretentious!

They serve primarily French and Italian food.

Fantastic tips:

1.  Try the Lobster Pasta.  The lobster is generously noticeable in every bite!

2.  They only have a 2 dollar corkage free if you bring your own wine!

3.  You can add a soup or salad for 1 or 2 dollars to your entree, which is pretty nice!  Woohoo! 🙂

4.  The Flour-less Chocolate Cake is amazing.  Period!  At first, when I bit into this chocolatey goodness I expected a sweet chocolate explosion, but what I got was a light, fluffy textured cake.  I contemplated for a moment… deciding whether it was up to my chocolate standards.  Then, I thought what the heck…  It is delicious, soft, fluffy, mouthwatering, has tasty whipped cream, and smooth raspberry sauce to accompany the cake… WHAT IS THERE NOT TO LIKE??  So… in conclusion, I advise even the most hardcore chocolate lovers out there, to try this delight. 😀

Cafe Bizou

The service reviews are varied…

When my mom’s friend, Lotus Lin, went to Cafe Bizou she had great waiters who were nice and attentive!  So I guess it just depends on your luck.

Overall, all the food is pretty darn good, and is not overly expensive.

The bad thing about going to Cafe Bizou is not the eating, but the PARKING!  Parking can be tricky…  It is Old Town Pasadena after all… craziness when it comes to parking everywhere!  I suggest you find a local parking structure where the first 90 minutes are usually free, and walk over to the restaurant.

A huge thanks to Lotus for the wonderful pictures and her help with the review of Bizou Cafe!

PS If you find yourself in Sherman Oaks, there’s another Cafe Bizou on Ventura Blvd.


91 North Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91103-3919

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