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Day 115: Altadena’s Haunted House

A few weeks ago, I asked the fans of 365 Things To Do In Pasadena for their experiences with haunted houses and/or ghost stories.  One of our fans sent me this interesting accounting of what she and her family experienced after purchasing and remodeling a home in Altadena, just North of Historic Highlands in Pasadena.

I thought that it would be interesting for all the mystics out there to hear her recollections.  So here we go:

Paranormal Activity

When we were working on the renovation of our first home at Woodbury and Hill in Altadena, we were very shocked at some of the happenings.

  1. We went in one night and heard footsteps walking across the upstairs.  The house was empty at the time and no one should have been there.  I took my son and ran to the neighbors, no small feat as this was a huge yard, to call the police.  They arrived with three cars and drawn guns.  I yelled that my husband was walking around by the house and not to shoot him.  They couldn’t find anything.
  2. One morning after we moved in we were awakened by the sound of door closing.  We yelled at our son to stop and he yelled back he wasn’t doing anything, he thought it was us.
  3. We had noise all the time, but got use to it and ignored it.
  4. One night the doorbell rang, my son and husband had just come upstairs and I was getting ready to go to work.  I went down and there was a sheriff standing with his back plastered against the wall, away from the door, with his gun drawn.  (The same one who dropped his gun running up the driveway in the first instance.)  He told me that the neighbors had called them about blinking lights in our house, they thought the couple we had bought it from were still there and were concerned about their safety.  He also told me that the lights were blinking on and off as he drove up the driveway.  So I let him in to look around, but of course, he found nothing.
  5. As we had our second and third child, the noises became much less frequent and my husband and I decided that the ghost wanted a house full of children and was happy.  We were never afraid of the ghost, always thought it was benevolent.
  6. On my daughter’s second birthday, I was up very late decorating two birthday cakes, one for school and one for home.  I had just gotten to bed and heard a very strange popping noise and something hit the gate at the top of the stairs.  I immediately called the sheriff’s thinking someone was in the house.  (Certainly glad there wasn’t as they wouldn’t come up the driveway until I got our German Sheppard under control.)  They went through the house and found nothing.

There were a few more incidents with items of personal nature moved as if the ghost was trying to send some sort of message to us.  However, after awhile it seemed like the ghost accepted our family as it was and that was the end of the noises.  We lived there for about 10 more years without any further instances.

A huge big thank you to our wonderful 365 FAN!!!  We surely appreciate you taking the time and sharing with us!

Do you have a ghost story or paranormal experience to share?  Send me an email or just comment below.

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