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Day 8 of 365: New York Bagels

Bagels! Can there be anything better than fresh bagels in the morning? Einstein Bros Bakery, previously known as Noah’s Bagels, in Pasadena are my favorite.

They have a nice variety of both sweet (chocolate chip!) and savory bagels or my favorite, plain, always does the trick given that I can always dress it up with one of their “shmears” (flavored cream cheeses!)

Now… I wouldn’t know a New York bagel from a regular bagel. I’ve been to New York several times, but honestly can’t remember what makes them different. I tried to ask the store manager, but there’s a strict policy directly from corporate not to discuss these types of things or anything else by the way – way weird!   So… if anyone knows the answer, chime right in.

However, the life of a bagel starts at 3 am in the morning.  That’s when, after a dose of strong coffee, the bagel elves start preparing the bagels for the oven.  Before hitting the oven, each bagel gets a spritz of water on the outside to ensure a crispy crust (maybe that’s the New York part?)  45 minutes later, the first batch of bagels comes out and rest on the cooling racks.  Store opens at 6 am.

The interior of the store is pretty standard with a few tables and a large glass display case with their offerings. However, what I love about this particular Noah’s is their outdoor seating space. Even though it’s on a busy corner of Lake and California in the heart of the South Lake District, the courtyard is really charming. And, on a sunny morning, it’s a great place to reconnect with friends or just to take a break from our busy schedule.

It also doesn’t hurt to have Pete’s Coffee next door. So go have a bagel and tell me what your favorite is and why!

New York Bagels round out Day 8 of 365 Things To do in Pasadena

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