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Day 50: Vegetarian Fast Food Joint

Did you know that Pasadena has the very first Vegetarian Fast-Food Take Out place? Opened in 1979 by Orean C. Thomas, this restaurant bills itself as the first ever vegetarian take-out in the nation!

Orean's Fast Food for Vegetarians

Yes, it’s true…  Orean, The Health Express Inc looks like a fast food joint, but it’s specializing in meatless, sugarless, non-dairy items created for optimum nutrition and without chemical additives.

The menu features items like:

  • Air Fries
  • Soy-Sage O-Muffin
  • Orean Cheese Burger
  • Selection of Burritos
  • Philly Cheese Steak
  • African Tostada
  • Chili Cheese Dog
  • Filet-O-Soul Tofu Burger

Vegetarian Fast Food Take Out Drive Through

Driving down Lake Avenue, you’d never think that this place was anything but your run-of-the-mill take out.  It has a drive through and looks a bit like a shack.  Food is served in non-descript brown paper bags.  Tasty?  Some folks swear by it.  Others are not impressed.

Have you tried it?  What are your favorites?

Location:  817 North Lake Avenue, Pasadena (just North of Orange Grove)
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