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Day 46: Dots Cupcakes


Got Dots?

Day 46 of 365 Things to do in Pasadena™ has our scents and stomachs leading us to Dots Cupcakes in Old Town Pasadena.

We know its absolutely unhealthy….but we just had to! Besides if we are going to walk and hike our way around Pasadena then surely a mini cupcake won’t hurt?

I drive by this little cupcake paradise everyday on my way into the office, I just HAD to go in and take  a peak around…

As soon as you open those doors, you are hit with the sweet savory scent of sugar and cake! It was amazing, all those rows of charming and cutely decorated little cakes just calling out to you.

Now, I behaved myself and decided to go with a small box which allows you to pick up to 9 mini cupcakes. I know what you’re thinking and NO they weren’t all for me.  I decided share with my fellow office mates so that  we could get a good sample of  the many tasty treats offered.

Which one would you choose?

I had nothing but great reviews about the Carrot cupcake!! The Coconut Lime is not to be passed over either! Really – there wasn’t one cupcake we met and didn’t like!

Depending on which day you decide to go Dots Cupcakes offers a select specialty cupcakes, I’m thinking I need to get back there on Wednesday or Thursday so I can test out the  PB & Banana.

If you are ever cruising down Colorado Blvd. in Old Pasadena we highly recommend you to take a little detour to Dots Cupcakes. They are located at 21 N. Fair Oaks Ave. Pasadena in the One Colorado District.

Be advised, no photography is allowed inside the shop. You need to have special permission for that.

Do you have a Dots Cupcakes favorite? If so we would love to hear about it!

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