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Day 30: Turtle and Frog Ponds at CalTech

Day 30 of 365 Things To Do In Pasadena takes us to CalTech.

If you are looking for a fun place to take your kids to, check out the turtle pond and the frog pond located on the grounds of CalTech.
Cal Tech pond

California Institute of  Technology, also known as Caltech is located in Pasadena.  It is a private research university and occupies 124 prime acres of real estate.  Scientists from Caltech are always in the news should there be an earthquake and the campus itself has been used in many movies.  In fact, the TV sitcom, The Big Bang Theory is focused on 4 lead characters who are employed by California Institute of  Technology.

Caltech Frog Pond

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The campus itself is beautiful and if you have an opportunity, definitely stop by and walk the grounds.  There are many things to highlight at Caltech, but today, we’ll focus on their ponds.

The frog pond has lovely lily leaves and plenty of critters to keep your little ones occupied.

frog pond in Cal Tech

lily pond caltech

The turtle pond is a bit more plain, but the turtles do roam up once in awhile to say hello.

turtle pond Cal Tech

Caltech frogs

And… you do not need to be a small kid to enjoy…

kids Caltech

So take the kidlets, young and old to play with the frogs and turtles and let me know what you think!


California Institute of Technology

1200 East California Blvd,

Pasadena, California

Photos courtesy of Derek Barker and Sasha Netchaev

DIRECTIONS (Turtle and Frog Pond):

Enter on Wilson Avenue where you see the California Institute of Technology sign.  Follow the pathway until you see the first entrance on your right that is facing the rose gardens and a large building in the distance.

Walk towards and around the the Robert Andrews Millikan Memorial building, and then you will see a fountain on your left.

Get on the pathway closest to the fountain and walk straight.  You will then see a small stairway.  Take the stairs down and you will see two turtle ponds.  One on your left immediately after the stairs.  And, one a bit further below you.

Once you have finished spending time with the turtles, at the last turtle pond, take a left and go straight for about a minute.

You will encounter another large building and the frog pond will be on your left.  Once you see tons of lily pads floating in a rectangular area then you are at the right pond!

My thanks to Sasha Netchaev for providing these detailed directions and the video. 🙂


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