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Day 189: Historic Homes In South Pasadena

Day 189 of 365 Things to do AROUND Pasadena has us visiting the historic homes of our neighboring city, South Pasadena.

Now, we learned from our previous history lessons this week that the areas we know as Pasadena and South Pasadena were once a part of the Southern California Orange and Citrus Growers Association. Just three years after the Indiana Colony became known as Pasadena, the residents that lived in the southern portion of  town began to refer to themselves as South Pasadeneans.

In February of 1888, in order to control their own territory, the residents voted 85 to 25 for incorporation. On March 2,1988, South Pasadena officially incorporated with a population of just over 500. The city’s boundaries, established in 1889, are essentially the same today. South Pasadena consists of 3.44 square miles of prime residential property.

–Information provided by: www.ci-south-pasadena.com


Below are a few historic South Pasadena Homes:

The Adobe Flores:

Built about 1839,  this  beautiful adobe stands in a pristine residential area on the southern slope of Raymond Hill.  The name associated with this old casa comes from General Jose Maria Flores.  He led the Mexican Army of California during the Mexican War. Flores never lived at the house, nor did he spend a single night beneath its roof. But, it was here that the defeated general retreated to after his last battle with the American troops.  The troops were advancing upon Los Angeles in 1847 and Flores, fearing he would be shot by the conquering Yankees, fled from this place to Mexico never to return.

The Longley Home:

Built in 1897, the Longley House is the home of Howard and Etta Longley and is the earliest existing structure designed by the Greene & Greene architects. This home is  located in a private residential area on Buena Vista St.

The  Garfield House:

Also located on Buena Vista St., and designed by the Greene Brothers, this home was built for U. S. President James Garfield in 1904.

South Pasadena – Interesting Fact

Did you know that in 1876 a vacant unimproved lot with water would sell for $75-$150 and acre!

The most expensive lot for sale today in South Pasadena is a 0.524 acre of land listed at $1,548,00.00 located at 1825 Diamond Avenue.  This lot does have a home on it, but is being sold for land value only.  Quite a bit of appreciation in the last 230 years!

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Do you have a favorite home or historical place to visit in South Pasadena?

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