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DAY 134: Pasadena’s Taco Station

If you’re driving East on Green Street towards Pasadena City College, you probably noticed the gleaming “vintage-inspired” filling station on the corner of Green and Chester.   However, looks can be deceiving.  It is not a gas station after all, but the cutest hang-out in Pasadena called the Taco Station.

Pasadena's Taco Station

Taco Station opened in April of this year by Norma & Ulises, a husband and wife team, with dreams of owning their own business.  They serve freshly made tacos on home-made tortillas and even offer a vegetarian selection.  By far, Conchita Tacos seem to be the favorite by many reviewers.

I had a chance to chat with Norma and she is passionate about her business.  Her goal was to establish a neighborhood hang out with simple and amazing home cooked food.  She has worked relentlessly on the lease with the city of Pasadena to open Taco Station in this vintage and historical 1927 gas station.  All her work has not gone unnoticed, Pasadeneans have embraced this little restaurant with open arms.

Not having kids of their own, this is, as Norma says, her baby.

The staff at Taco Station is friendly and attentive.  The food comes out fast and the atmosphere is unbeatable.  I’d say her tireless work has paid off.

The Americana decor and its uniqueness drives many locals in to this very unusual taco stand.  The food and friendliness keeps them coming back.  And, you almost have to be a local to know that it exists.  So… let’s not keep it a secret!

And, that is why day 134 of 365 Things To Do In Pasadena is dedicated to the Taco Station.

And who knows, maybe you’ll run into Fonzie there one day.  Sure looks like he’d fit right in. 🙂

Taco Station
1265 E Green St
Pasadena, CA 91106

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