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Day 288: Carmine’s Italian Restaurant and Bar
Been to Carmine's in Pasadena? If you're in the mood for Italian give them a try. Great casual dinni [more]
Day 287: New York Deli in Pasadena
Got a craving for a New York Style sandwich? Visit Old Town Pasadena's New York Deli and let us know [more]
The Historic Livingstone Condominiums
Livingstone Condominiums located on 139 S. Los Robles is a perfect location for Pasadena Urban Livin [more]
DAY 283:  Old Pasadena’s First Ever Happy Hour Week!
Many Old Pasadena restaurants and bars are participating in first ever Happy Hour Week! Check out t [more]
Free museum days in the Greater Pasadena area. Go out and explore our community! [more]
Day 277: Mad for Hats Pasadena
Enjoy hats? Check out the newest exhibit, Mad for Hats, at the Pasadena Museum of History. See detai [more]
Day 272: The Cheese Store of Pasadena
The Cheese Store of Pasadena offers many delectable cheeses, truffle oils, chocolates and a great se [more]
Day 271: Sushi of Naples
Get some sushi at Sushi of Naples in Pasadena California. [more]
Day 267:  La Caravana Salvadorian Restaurant
Salvadoran pupusas, drinks and more can be found at La Caravana in Pasadena. [more]