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Broker Home Tour – Apr 30, 2015
The real estate market is keeping it's steady flow of inventory with 85 homes for sale in this week' [more]
Broker Home Tour – Apr 23, 2015
YES...more homes on the market in the Greater Pasadena area! A total of 88 available listings in tod [more]
Broker Home Tour – Apr 16, 2015
Glad to see more homes coming up for sale!  :-) From the 80 homes available, there are several [more]
Broker Home Tour – Apr 9, 2015
This week's broker tour offered 74 homes for sale. We focused mainly on viewing homes in Pasadena th [more]
Broker Home Tour – April 2, 2015
Seems like folks are getting ready for Easter celebration, as we only had 56 homes to choose from in [more]
Broker Home Tour – Mar 26, 2015
Our weekly home tour had 69 homes for sale this time around. A bit of drop from two weeks ago with 8 [more]
Broker Home Tour – Mar 19, 2015
As our team at Pasadena Views ventured off to the weekly home tour, we hit some really nice houses i [more]
Pasadena’s Historical Castle Green
I'm still excited!  Yesterday I had the special pleasure of visiting Pasadena's Nationally Registe [more]
Broker Home Tour – Mar 13, 2015
Spring is finally here and we can tell by the rising number (and temperature!) of homes for sale. Th [more]
Protect Your Family and Home From Thieves
As a new resident of Pasadena, I am disheartened to be the recent victim of a home burglary attem [more]