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What Can You Expect from a Great Pasadena Real Estate Agent?

I was reading a post earlier today by Jennifer Allan about the definition of a good real estate agent. Jennifer is an author of five books about the business of selling real estate. She is a real estate coach and contributes regular articles on real estate related subjects to many different on-line venues.

I run into many different real estate agents on a daily basis. Some Pasadena real estate agents have tons of experience and others are just starting out. The prevalant change in the Pasadena real estate community is the change from being egocentric to customer focused.

To this day, many real estate agents flaunt their “multi-million” dollar status, being a top producer, being in the top % of their real estate company, etc. Not too many Pasadena real estate agents talk about how they can help their real estate consumer, what a real estate agent does for his or her customer to ensure that they’re delighted with their service, etc.

Receiving and reviewing real estate purchase offer contracts, it is clear that the training for the majority of real estate professionals is not stellar. If you are or were a real estate seller, all you have to do is look at the real estate purchase counter offer to see how many items a great real estate agent would need to address or “clean up” prior to acceptance – and I’m not talking strictly about the price.

So… forgive me for going on about this, but it’s a sensitive subject that is near and dear to my heart. One Pasadena real estate agent can create an impression on countless potential real estate consumers. As they say, perception is reality!

Here’s a list that Jennifer put together when she was asked about “what makes a good real estate agent”.

A Pasadena Real Estate Agent should:

  • “You know your market, your systems and your contracts.
  • You are a good negotiator.
  • You put your clients’ needs above your need for a paycheck.
  • You know how to properly price a home.
  • You know what your seller needs to do to get his home ready for market.
  • You know how to build rapport with your seller so that he trusts you.
  • You know how to take decent photos.
  • You know how to write an appealing MLS description.
  • You return phone calls promptly.
  • You preview listings so you don’t waste your buyer’s time.
  • You know how much it costs to replace a 50 year old furnace.
  • You have a handyman, a cleaning service and a good HVAC contractor.
  • You’re pleasant to other agents so they’re happy to show your listings or accept your offers.
  • You keep your brochure boxes full.
  • Your lockboxes work…”

My additions to her list:

A great real estate agent writes clean contracts.

A great real estate agent strategizes with their client on how to make their offer stand out – price AND terms.

A great real estate agent takes educational classes and strives to continually learn as the industry is changing.

A great real estate agent networks with other real estate agents locally and throughout the country to share best practices.

A great real estate agent should respond to emails immediately.

A great real estate agent should know how to market a home they’re selling on the web

A great real estate agent should be in touch with the changing real estate marketing techniques… Old school is good, but not enough… need to incorporate new and exciting techniques in helping buyers and sellers with their real estate needs.

A great real estate agent creates dynamic on-line presentations to market homes.

A great real estate agent is not afraid to say “I don’t know”, but I will research and get back to you.

A great real estate agent is honest and ethical!

There’s a lot more that I can add to this, but you get my point, right?

Old school where it’s all about me is OUT! New school – all about the real estate consumer is in.

Is your Pasadena real estate agent, a great real estate agent?

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