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Day 165: Bodega Wine Bar Pasadena

Looking for a casual and simple local Wine Bar?

We may have just the Pasadena oasis for you.

Day 165 of 365 Thing To Do in Pasadena invites you to visit Bodega Wine Bar.

Located in Paseo Colorado, Bodega Wine Bar offers you the feel of relaxing at a friends house – having wine in the living room or in their back yard.

Bodega is the result of a night of friends being out on the town looking for a comfortable, laid-back place to enjoy a glass of wine and wind down the night. After not finding the right fit, the group actually all ended up at one friends house enjoying the rest of the evening and talking about opening up “their own place”. The next day, the idea still sounded good to them.  Thinking that one of them  might be the next Sam Malone (the bar tender from Cheers), owners and partners, Greg Sears and Jason Mcentee, who hail from the neighboring cities of San Marino and Arcadia, decided to open up their Pasadena “backyard” to you.

Although not every one may know your name, the servers are friendly and are happy to navigate you through their wine list.  No one thinks less of you if you can’t rattle off wine terms as a second language. 🙂

There is a wide variety of wine and snack items to choose from.

Here are the specials offered at their Pasadena Location:

Happy Hour : Everyday from 5-7pm

Wine: $3 off all glasses
$7 off all carafes
$8 off all bottles
Beer: $2 off all beers
Drinks: all soju drinks $6
calimocho $4
Food: bruschetta & olive tapenade $5
pepperoni & cheese plate $5
hummus with warm pita $5
roasted fingerling potatoes $5
margherita pizza $7
pepperoni & mushroom pizza $7

Mondays : Happy Mondays
Who’s got a case of the Mondays? Not us… we’ve got happy hour drink prices all night

Tuesdays : Carafe Night
regular carafes $17, premium $23.

Wednesdays : Andrew Jackson Night
Get any bottle of wine for $20, Jackson.

Thursdays : High Five Thursday
All soju cocktails $5 after 9pm… high five!

Sundays : Service Industry Night
It’s Friday for those of us who serve people for a living, so come on in and get happy hour drink prices and $1 sake shots after 10pm.

Have you stepped in for a glass of wine at Bodega? If so we would like to hear you recommendations and what glass of wine is a Must Try!


Bodega Wine Bar
260 East Colorado Boulevard
Pasadena, CA 91101

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