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Christmas Lights Come Alive In Altadena

Driving on to Santa Rosa Avenue during Holiday Season, you are greeted by hundreds of glowing Christmas Lights cascading through the tall cedar trees.  Where am I? You just enter the wonderful world of “Christmas Tree Lane.” It is located between Altadena Drive and Woodbury Road on Santa Rosa Avenue.  The Lane is a California State Historical Site.


In 1886, the Woodbury Family who were the founders of Altadena planted 134 deodar trees on this lane.  The trees were to lead their mansion entrance (which was under plan to be built).  Well, the home was never built but the trees grew and grew, and “housed” the Santa Rosa Ave.


Mr. Woodbury saw the Deodar Cedar (the official tree of Altadena) first in Italy.  It was the most beautiful tree he had ever seen, and brought back the seeds to be planted.  The return of Mr. Woodbury and his passion for the Deodar Cedar has continued the lighting tradition since 1920.

The Christmas Tree Lane Association, a non profit group, has worked with dedicated volunteers and people who donate their time to put this event up each year.  The lighting occurs on 2nd Saturday of December.  This event brings thousands of visitors to the street.


However, this yearly event bringing the joy of Christmas spirit has been endangered.   Over the years, there have been a lack of volunteers and  interest from the community.  In March and April, volunteers are needed to take the lights down.  If you are interested in learning more, and would like help, you can contact the CTLA – Christmas Tree Lane Association at (626) 403-1123.


For now through the Holidays, don’t wait; get in your cars and drive to Christmas Tree Lane.  It’s an orchestra of lights coming alive, and seeing the bountiful of colors brightens up your heart.  Truly!

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