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Winning the Multiple Offer Game

Multiple Offers and Pasadena Real Estate!  If you’ve been in the market to buy a Pasadena home, you know that housing inventory is pretty dismal.  In January of 2010, on average, Pasadena real estate sold at 98% of list price.  That means that quite a few homes were sold over home seller’s asking price.

As new homes comes up on the multiple listing service, if priced well and staged well, the homes are sold fairly quickly, and with multiple offers.

Recommendations to WIN:

  1. Buyers should always write a letter to the home seller.  Your real estate agent should always write a separate letter to the listing agent highlighting your purchase offer.
  2. Always be fully approved and provide an approval letter from a direct lender.
  3. Don’t just focus on the price.  Seriously review terms and strategize with your real estate agent on the best way to draft the purchase contract.
  4. Never, ever use round numbers in your price.

There are definitely more tips and strategies that you can use.  These will get you started.  Discuss the best way to represent you to the seller and the seller’s listing agent with your real estate consultant.


I will be adding more videos as the year progresses. If there’s a question that you want addressed or a real estate topic that you’d like for me to discuss, let me know via email Irina at PasadenaViews.com or just leave a comment.

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