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Day 168: Viewing Stones at The Huntington Library

Day 168 of 365 Things To Do In Pasadena brings us to the oasis that is The Huntington Library.  We wrote about The Huntington Library and Gardens before, but I wanted to highlight a couple of areas that I found really interesting.

One of the curious and fun things at The Huntington is a little display of the Viewing Stones.  These Viewing Stones can be found behind the Japanese Garden, nestled in between the Bonsai displays.

There are 7 black, smooth viewing stones in this display.  The Viewing Stones are an ancient Japanese Art Form.  The plaque next to the stones describes this as follows:

These hard, dense “California Jade” stones had not been altered from the form they had when taken from the Eel River in Northern California.

Viewing Stones an evoke a variety of responses.  They are placed in categories such as Distant Mountain Stone, Mountain Stream Stone, Thatched Hut Stone, Human-Shaped Stone, Pattern Stone and Puddle Stone.  Most of the stones on display here are considered Beautiful Stones because of their unusual shape, color and smoothness.

The collection of the stones at The Huntington was donated by Harry Hirao.  Visitors are encouraged to touch the stones.  In fact, you are encouraged to rub your hand against the stones.  This keeps them polished.

Viewing Stone 1 - Huntington Library

Viewing Stone at The Huntington

Huntington LIbrary's Viewing Stone

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As I looked at these stones, it was fun imagining the creature living within it.  And, they are as smooth and polished as they look.  So… if you’re at The Huntington one day taking in all the peace and beauty it has to offer, do not miss these Viewing Stones.  They are really fun for the entire family.

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