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Thrifty Ice Cream

Old Fashioned Thrifty Ice Cream

Do you remember getting Thrifty Ice Cream for 15 cents a scoop?  I do!  Well… my kids remind me that Rite-Aid still sells the old-time favorite ice cream at very reasonable prices.  So… I thought that this would make for a great 365 Things To Do Around Pasadena® post.

Rite Aid - South Pasadena California

The Rite Aid we visited was on the corner of Mission and Fair Oaks and makes a perfect stop after a visit to Gus’s Bar-B-Q, if you have space left for dessert, of course.

For $1.69 you get one scoop ice cream cone.  A pint of hand packed ice cream is selling for only $3.69.  You can’t beat that!

Thrifty Ice Cream Pricing

Next time you feel like some old-fashioned ice cream, stop by a Rite Aid and pick a pint to take home and enjoy!

Ice Cream Collage

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream and where do you usually go when the craving hits?  We’d love to hear from you.

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