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Responds very quickly & knows your concerns before you even need to express it to her!

Responds very quickly & knows your concerns before you even need to express it to her!

“We purchased our first (and maybe forever) home in May with Irina!

Ok, let me backtrack to 5 years ago when our journey began. My husband and I had met with various real estate companies in the Pasadena area.  We felt a bit shuffled around with the larger companies and didn’t feel that they provided much of a personalized service.  We weren’t expecting anything out of the ordinary but wanted more than what was readily available online through Redfin, Zillow, etc.  I knew with confidence that Irina would be our realtor when she provided a lot of useful information even during our initial consultation.  We learned a lot from her just by viewing the properties together. Her insight and experience guided our decisions on which properties to make offers on.  She was able to strategize and present a very competitive offer to the sellers. Unfortunately, things did not work out for us and we agreed to put a pause on the home buying process.

5 years later, we decide to contact Irina and see where our luck/future/destiny takes us.  A lot had changed within those few years. We wanted a bigger house in the suburbs and the market was more competitive with interest rates rising quickly. We knew that there wasn’t much time to waste if we were serious about buying a home. We basically spent most of our free time searching and viewing properties. Multiple, competitive offers were made and we were outbid everytime.  Irina would tell us not to worry because it would work out if it were meant to be…!

Long story short, we found our home after a couple of months. It was in the neighborhood of our choice and a much bigger property than we had anticipated.  Can I just say that I was more excited that we purchased it for much less than what it was listed for?  🙂   We were on vacation in Japan for the last part of escrow and we kept in contact with Irina and her team.  The entire process went much more smoothly than what I had expected.

I’m going to list the top few reasons why you should choose Irina and her team when purchasing a home:
-easily accessible via phone/email
-responds very quickly and knows your concerns before you even need to express it to her. She will email you with updates about everything you ever need to know
-her team will put together an amazing, competitive offer
-provides great advice

Thank you Irina and your team for our first home!! We are so grateful and blessed to have had an incredible team of amazing people working with us throughout the entire process.” – Helen J via Yelp

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