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First Time Homeowner in Altadena

First Time Homeowner in Altadena

I can’t even begin to say how great Irina was as our  realtor. We contacted Irina (we weren’t even pre-approved yet), and got our key 51 days later. Irina was not only exceptionally professional, but she exuded warmth and very a likable personality.

My husband and I, although first time home-buyers, were very particular about what we wanted. We listed location as our first priority in choosing a home. Irina did not just try to get us any house, she worked very closely with us to try to get us a great house that would fit all of our wants and needs. With that said, she was completely honest with us, if she thought a house was located in a less-than-desired neighborhood, or if she felt like the house would be bad for re-selling, she flat-out informed us so.

Irina was very knowledgeable of the current housing market, and she kept us up to date with everything. When we finally bid on a couple houses, she presented us with analyses to forecast how much each house would end up selling for. This was very informative and proved helpful in helping us bid effectively.

After the seller accepted our offer, Irina facilitated the entire process–we removed all of our contingencies under 9 days and closed escrow in just 24 days. From beginning (meeting Irina for the first time) to end (us getting the key to our house)  it only took us an incredible 51 days.

To sum it up, Irina is truly the best of the best in her profession. – Hannah B. via Yelp

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