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Day 270: Sweet & Savory


Now that you’ve taken the San Marino stairs and burned some calories, how about a reward?  If you want to treat yourself to some delectable goodness, give Sweet & Savory a try.  It’s only a few minutes away.  You can even jog there and burn off a few more calories on the way.

Sweet & Savory markets itself as a bakery and edible delights specializing in Old-Fashioned American baked goods. They are open for breakfast, lunch and offer dinner to go.

My daughter first told me about the cafe when it first opened last year and said that they rival Heirlooms when it comes to cupcakes. As a fan of South Pasadena’s Heirloom’s unbeatable Hostess cupcake, I had to try these for myself.

Granted, I’ve been working really hard on trying to lose 10 or so pounds that I’ve put on this year by signing up at San Marino’s Women’s World so… I had to think long and hard how much exercise time I’d have to add in to work off the cupcake, but curiosity and the moist looking chocolate cupcake easily won.


Also, Sweet & Savory, at that time was the only place around Pasadena that carried Intelligentsia coffee. So… armed with my youngest kid, I drove up to the bakery and, unfortunately, saw the closed sign.

However, we glimpsed a lady in the back of the cafe and knocked – putting on the saddest face we could manage.

I explained that we had a cupcake emergency and just had to try their Chocolate cupcakes. It turns out that Dora, the owner of the cafe, was very sweet, took pity on us and opened up the bakery to sell us 2 of her last 3 cupcakes – yeah!

Dora also said that she’s at the store most evenings and Sundays working on paperwork and not to hesitate to knock in the future. I love that!

The cupcakes were absolutely creamy, moist and delicious! At $3 per cupcake, a great deal for baked fresh every morning home made dessert!


Try some for yourself! Sweet & Savory is located at 2142 Huntington Drive just a bit West of San Marino Avenue.

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