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St. Valentine’s Day Rose’s

St. Valentine’s Day Rose’s


St. Valentine’s Day.  The big day for buying sweets, a fancy meal in an expensive or fast food restaurant, and flowers for your sweetie.

How did y’all do with all that this year?

Somehow I managed with so many wonderful, deserving women in my life.   As long as they come to me here in Pasadena I can at least afford to get the flowers part covered – of course, Red Roses:  Smile



Mayde Gomez, KABC-7 Eyewitness News


I met Mayde last year “fresh off the plane” from Texas.   Not only was she new to our area, she had to work the camera, and, drive the news van!  (I guess no “special help” for the new gal in town.)  She handled it all coolly like the pro she is.  She can do it all.  She’s been covering the Papal visit in Mexico where she got blessed with a special assignment to cover The Pope.




Christina Pascucci, KTLA-5 News


“Christina, will accept this Rose!”  Yes, I said that, and Yes, as you can see above she took it!  Winking smile

Whenever I saw “Queen” Christina with the Royal Court I had to remind myself she wasn’t part of the court.  But Christina is also a “big sister” mentor for disadvantaged youth and has a big heart.  Fight-On, CP!


Of course in the above photos at the historic Wrigley House of the Tournament of Roses, for a couple of media events, it had to be ROSES for this reporter royalty.  (Except for one journalist, I’ve met all my journalist girl friends when they’ve come to Pasadena.)

I can tell you these gals are beautiful inside as well as out.  For instance, in addition to the above, these two supermodels have patiently waited and allowed me to pose them as I’ve put them through “photo-shoots” for a dozen shots at a couple of events.  But they do appreciate it when I send them copies.


When you live in the Pasadena area you can expect to see the media here on a daily basis.  Makes sense, since a good number make their homes here.  They could be in your neighborhood.  For example, I read recently that anchorman Chuck Henry of KABC lives in San Marino. Confirmation that reporters must get paid well, really well!

Watch news? Be sure to watch Christina & Mayde covering Los Angeles area news on KTLA & KABC.



Gotta Get Going! Stay Thirsty My Friends

Red rose

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