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Day 211: San Marino Majestic Pines on St Albans

Day 211 of 365 Things To Do continues our journey of Christmas lights and takes you to San Marino and St. Albans Drive.

If you live in San Marino, you know that every year the majestic pine trees that grow along St. Albans get dressed up for the holidays!  It’s easy to feel like Alice in Wonderland or maybe pretend that you are in a Dr. Seuss story when you’re standing underneath these huge trees.  Talk about feeling tiny!

This year is no different.  These unbelievably tall pine trees are sparkling again!

Here’re some photos of our San Marino pines getting ready for the holidays:

Can’t wait to drive by St. Albans Road at night and see it sparkle. Hint… drive slowly… it’s a very short block. :-) Or, better yet, park and walk the street.  It is sooooo worth it!

St. Albans is located just West of Sierra Madre Blvd.  The pine trees are between Huntington Drive and Monterey Road, right next to Lacy Park.

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