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I was searching through the Multiple Listing Service for new homes for sale in Arcadia.  There was a new home listing priced at $1,150,000.  This is what I saw: bad home photo bad home photo 2

Ok, let’s forget for a second that this home is being sold over a million dollars.  Let’s just understand that the Mulitple Listing Service photos are the first impression that potential buyers get when considering whether or not to view a property.  Not only were there only 2 photos to showcase this home, but they were seriously out of focus. This makes me very upset for our industry, for the sellers and for the potential buyers.

It is plain disrespectful to post photos like these.  Of course, maybe this real estate agent doesn’t care since he is a discount broker and is barely getting paid, but if you take on the responsibility for representing a seller, then please… do your job and don’t give the rest of us a bad name. Oh… and by the way… all CAPS in the description of the house are not going to help… “screaming” at folks about how this “wonderful home has been extensively remodeled”  will not help also.

And, if you are a home seller, please make sure to look at all of your agent’s marketing material.  After all, a home is usually your largest investment.  Thanks for listening to me venting about this pet peeve of mine.


MLS Photos that will NOT sell homes

The infamous toilet photo

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