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Pasadena California – Oak Knoll

Pasadena California – Oak Knoll

Oak Knoll Pasadena map


Once the site of a sheep ranch owned by Henry Huntington, this neighborhood began its life before the turn of the 20th century featuring many grand estates. These estates were built to showcase the lovely native oaks growing in the area. The most famous estate in the area would be the former Ritz Carlton, now Langham Hotel & Spa.

Oak Knoll Homes boast the architecture of the famous Greene & Greene brothers, Sylvanus Marston and Wallace Neff.

If you have an opportunity to visit Oak Knoll make sure to drive by these estates:

Langham Hotel, formerly known as Ritz-Carlton (built in 1906 and rebuilt in 1991)

1401 S. Oak Knoll Avenue, Pasadena

Originally opened as the Hotel Wentworth in 1907 and repurchased by San Marino tycoon Henry Huntington, who had it redesigned by Myron Hunt. It reopened as a resort destination in 1914 and came to represent Pasadena’s elite good life.

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Blacker House (1907)

1177 Hillcrest Avenue, Pasadena

Blacker House


One of the crowning achievements of Greene & Greene architecture along with the Gamble House. It is privately held and was meticulously restored to its previous glory.

Freeman House

1330 Hillcrest Avenue, Pasadena



A craftsman designed by Arthur S. Heineman. Heineman was the designer of the first motor hotel, and is said to have coined a term “motel” for motor hotel.

Dome House (1946)

1097 S Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena

Dome House


A Wallace Neff design. Neff experimented with concrete structures as part of his on-going interest in building affordable housing. Dome House represents an example of his “bubble” construction.

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