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Must-See Holiday Spots Near Pasadena!

Must-See Holiday Spots Near Pasadena!


It is always a sight of beauty catching a glimpse of well lit and decorated Christmas trees every year. The decorations that are put up every winter give us a sight of joy and amazement for our children. To watch the community come alive and together to celebrate is an everlasting lifetime experience. So where should one go in the local Pasadena area to see and get awesome holiday photos? Here are a few of our favorites that we have visited before but are a must-see:

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Old Pasadena (Pasadena):

The community and business owners of Old Pasadena always put together a wonderful display of holiday decorations. Business stores all have some holiday theme that will always put a smile on a young kid’s face. If you plan on leaving the kids at home then there are always great seasonal drink to try out at the bars as well!

Americana (Glendale):

This is the one shopping centre you must stop by for a weekend during the month of December. During the Holiday the Americana has Santa’s workshop cabin set-up for picture taking and dropping off letters. The decorations are absolutely stunning especially with the architecture and the centerpiece water fountain. The fountain has its own water show with holiday lighting and music. The Americana also provides free hot cocoa and blankets for everyone to sit down on the grass and enjoy the scenery! They also have bubbles that float down on the crowds to replicate the sight of snow falling. My recommendation is to go at night where you can see all the christmas lights lit and get a chance to see the snow!

Christmas Tree Lane (San Marino):

This area always has beautiful lights and large trees that are worth driving or walking by. However, I would highly recommend you park and stroll through the street because it gives you a much more visceral experience. I always bring a throw or small blanket to bring along the walk because it is cold but it keeps you and the family close.

The Balian House (Altadena):

This spot can be combined with Christmas Tree Lane by simply following the path down towards Altadena where you make a right towards Allen. The Balian House does not disappoint and they always have a great display of lights that sometimes bewilders you on how much labor it took to create such a spectacle. If you plan on making the trek around the neighborhood to explore more than grab a coffee, hot cocoa, tea before starting the journey. The taste and smell of holiday flavors will enhance the experience for you and the family!

These are the three places that we always recommend to new visitors, guests or new community homeowners to experience. You can always drive around the San Marino and Alta Dena homes to get a glimpse of how magical and beautiful the neighborhood can be during the holiday’s. Remember to be patient and considerate to others especially when there is a crowd. Have a great time creating new memories!


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