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Mari Nobre & Nobresil @ The Levitt Pasadena

Mari Nobre & Nobresil @ The Levitt Pasadena




As mentioned here before, a benefit of summer in Pasadena are the free music performances – not only Saturday, but most of the week!  An example is the wonderful Levitt Pavilion music series.   However, I realized almost too late this music series was nearing the close of its 2015 summer season and I had yet to attend a single performance!

When I noticed Mari Nobre backed by Nobresil – Mari Nobre & Nobresil! – was playing last weekend, well, I just had to attend!  Although I appreciate good Latin & Brazilian music such as they perform, like any genre of good music,  I’m certainly no expert.

But from her BIO I learned that, Mari is an explosive and sensual combination of Jazz and Latin flavor. She is a passionate, naturally gifted vocalist and songwriter who comes from a creative Latin and Jazz background and has worked with very well known names of the music business. 

Driven by soulful, Bossa based rhythms, colorful and exotic instrumentation, and the sensual voice and beautiful phrasing of multi-lingual lead vocalist Mari Nobre, Nobresil offers and unique, multi-cultural world jazz and Brazilian music vibe.

She is hired for her first national tour at the age of fourteen. One year later, she starts serious opera training with a maestro of the San Carlo Theatre of Naples; she later continues her classical education attending the Music Conservatory for three years. At the same time she cultivates her interest in popular music, studying jazz technique and performing live for years both as a background vocalist as well as a solo artist. Her versatility leads her to express her acting talent in classical theatre and to a steady career as a host of many TV shows. Soon RCA notices her and hires her to work in Milan on Latin pop recording projects, which appeared numerous times on the billboard. Her great interest for World Music and Jazz encouraged her to move to New York where her ability as a songwriter creates her own original band (Passion Latina) and where she performs with several R&B, Pop and Salsa bands like the “Latin All Stars”, “E. Breton Salsa ensemble” and members of the “Chico O’Farrell Orchestra” to name a few.

She enriches her musical experience performing and learning from true legends of the Latin Jazz scene like Celia Cruz, Mario Rivera, Paquito di Rivera, Dave Valentin, and many others. Mari is one of the few singers who can sing in five languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French. She always shows a great versatility and stage presence. She has recently performed in Brazil with world known musicians currently touring with names like Djavan and Ivan Lins. She currently lives in Los Angeles where she performs with her exciting and sophisticated World/Jazz band “Nobresil” and her sensual acoustic Latin-pop band “Alma Latina”. Her events are often promoted by major radios like the WAVE Smooth Jazz or K-Jazz. Latin Grammy awarded, Brazilian bass player Leo Nobre (Sergio Mendes, Stevie Wonder, Shakira) is currently the musical director of her band Nobresil. Mari has recently released her captivating and irresistible CD “Nobresil- In Brazil” arranged by twice Grammy nominated musician and composer Jovino Santo Netos. The band was recently the headliner performer for the opening night of the famous Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival sharing the stage with star Bebel Gilberto who opened the show for Nobresil!


That’s certainly more than I originally knew. We were definitely hearing professional, talented performers this nite.  I’ll chip in with some fotos from their Levitt concert last weekend, especially for those who didn’t make the concert. If you’ve seen Nobre & Nobresil live before you know these photos are no substitute for being there. For the rest of you, this is just a small taste of Mari Nobre…



At least a couple of fans were shooting video of the concert. Look out for the vids on the internet.  The poor gal above stood-in, literally, as a human tripod most of the evening.


With a handful of photographers & videographers taking their shots up close near the stage, understandably, I chose to concentrate on fotos from a distance – I figured we wouldn’t need any more close-up photos!  Concert photography is already a challenge, and adding distance, darkness, and the multiple lighting wouldn’t make it any easier.  I would be doing this with only a camera & kit lens – but I prefer to travel light – and pray for a few decent shots!




Mari & Nobresil were joined by the spicy Raiz Brazil Dancers!



Not only does Nobre & Nobresil provide the required music appeal with her voice & their music accompaniment, Nobre also gives you sex appeal with her body & dance moves.   You get multiple reasons to be entertained . Excellent entertainment.






A BIG crowd came out to see & hear The Music!








The End – NOT!  With encouragement from the crowd they came out for an encore.




DSC09994 (3)

Mari Nobre was the focus & force for the Levitt music lovers








Links for further info:

Nobresil webpage

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Mari Nobre Facebook

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Mari Nobre performs regularly at the popular Colombo’s Italian Steakhouse in Eagle Rock. She’s next scheduled there on September 27th.  Whether performing free or for a price, Mari Nobre & Nobresil are worth the listen and your admission.  They were one of the very top performers at the Levitt this season and I was fortunate to see them here in town!  RECOMMENDED.


This upcoming weekend is the last of the Levitt Pavilion Summer Music series here in Pasadena for 2015.   So if you’re looking for good music at an even greater price (FREE!), come out to support the Levitt Pavilion and the musicians!



Gotta Go Hear More Music! Stay Thirsty My Friends


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