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Day 98: Pizza Place California

Are you annoyed that every time you head out to a restaurant you sit in a noisy environment?  Not only that… but you just aren’t getting quality food for the price you pay?  Well, that doesn’t have to happen anymore if you come down to Pizza Place California located in the Mission District of San Gabriel!

Day 98 of 365 things to do in Pasadena takes us to heaven (literally):  Pizza Place California.

Pizza Place California

The first thing you’ll notice when crossing paths with Pizza Place California is the peace and quietness of the area.  Every time I head out to this restaurant, I never have a problem with seating or noise pollution. I simply get to relax with my family.  That’s a big plus since it is normally difficult to find tranquility in such a large and bustling city like L.A.

You are promptly seated (given the choice of an nice patio area outside or inside the restaurant), menus, and a little while later you will get a bowl of savory garlic bread rolls to snack on!  They serve their garlic rolls with typical Italian vinegar and oil.  The garlic rolls are the worst part about Pizza Place because they are so good that you end up inhaling all the bread, and don’t have space for the main entree… so BEWARE.

I never order drinks at restaurants usually, but at Pizza Place California I somehow always do.  I order the Arnold Palmer (mixed lemonade & ice tea)  every time.  Their Arnold Palmers have a really unique taste that I just can’t resist so if you are an ice tea fan give this drink a try!

Moving onto appetizers… the clam chowder is to die for!  It is very creamy, smooth, and has these delicious mini croutons on top.  It is very heavy though, so think about splitting it with someone!

For the main entrees, typically everything is mouthwatering.  There are certain items I do prefer more than others though.

The Four Cheese Pizza, Angel Hair Pasta, and Cioppino (which is not on the menu, but will be happily served when asked for) are all amazing entrees!

Their pizza is like no other:  generous toppings, tasty cheeses, and great dough!  The Angel Hair Pasta is good when I am feeling like a light lunch – perfect sauce and taste.  And the Cioppino… well I have not eaten it before, but my parents say it is quite delicious!  This particular entree comes in a HUGE, I mean HUGE bowl filled with pasta, tons of different seafood, and a nice broth underneath.  🙂

Pizza Place California

Come to this restaurant between 4:30 P.M. and 6:00 P.M. and you can order off the EARLY BIRD MENU! They have five entrees to choose from and whichever one you choose comes with a soup or salad and a Tiramisu or Sorbet.  All of these dinners range from as little as $13.50 to as much as $17.50.  This menu really is a great DEAL!

Being a regular customer, I always come for Pizza Place California’s great quality food, environment, and service.  The staff is full of sincere people who are nice to chat with.

If you are craving good Italian food come to Pizza Place California.  It is located in the San Gabriel Mission District – on the outskirts of Pasadena!


303 S. Mission Drive
San Gabriel, CA 91776




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