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Day 147: Lucky Baldwins Pub

Last Saturday was my friend’s birthday, one of those “landmark” ones.   Friday night a friend of hers asked if she wanted to celebrate her last night in her “#0’s” (no age shall be revealed here).  She texted her back and said, “Meet me at Lucky Baldwins”.   The friend knew that seven to ten years earlier the birthday girl spent many a Friday night hopping to and from Old Town Pasadena’s less “club like” drinking establishments.  Lucky Baldwins was always one of her favorites.

Lucky Baldwins Pub

So, in honor of my friend and her story below, Lucky Baldwins Pub in Pasadena takes day 147 of 365 Things To Do.  Here’s what she shared with me about the British Pub:

Driving from my home to Old Town Pasadena, I hoped it was still the same casual spot it had been before, and I was not disappointed.  As a matter of a fact, I enjoyed it more than ever.  My priorities had certainly changed in the past seven years.  No longer was my goal to “catch a buzz” and hopefully meet a nice guy (what was I thinking?).   These days I prefer a clearer head, steady walking, engaging in interesting and humorous conversation and consciously taking in and enjoying my surroundings.   This time, with my self-imposed 2 drink maximum, I experienced Lucky Baldwins in a whole new way.

I love the “Pub” feel of Lucky’s.  Very unpretentious and casual from the staff to the patrons, it was as though everyone knew each other.  Sitting at a high-top with my friends, we quickly got into conversation with the two girls at the table next to us and the guys at the table behind. At the bar, I easily began chatting with an English lady who advised that “potato chips” were called “crisps” in England and Lucky’s serves some interesting flavors such as Smoked Hog and Chicken.   I was also impressed with the two gals behind the bar serving up freshly poured Ales and wine as quickly as the patrons demanded all the while smiling and laughing.

The crowd was diverse ranging from young 20’s to 60’s, and came in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles.  In t-shirts and jeans the servers attended to our needs assuring we were offered plenty to eat from their British inspired menu that included some hefty salads for their more diet conscious clientele.  Although I only indulged in the Cheese and Onion “crisps”, judging from the dinner crowd that filled both their indoor and outdoor dining areas, I’d venture to guess the food is great – it certainly looked good! They also have a “deli/market” that is perfect for a quick lunch, or to get your supply of British foods such as Bangers, Birds Custard, Picalilli, Yorkshire Gold tea, Spotted Dick, Horlicks, British Chocolate and more.

Focusing mainly on beer (and sometimes wine), Lucky Baldwins hosts several “festivals” throughout the year including Oktoberfest, which runs from October 2nd through the 10th.    They’ve got two locations, one in Old Town Pasadena at 17 S. Raymond Avenue (at Mercantile Place) and their Delirium Pub located in Sierra Madre at 21 Kersting Ct.

Lucky Baldwins is a fun, low-key, casual place to enjoy a beer and a bite to eat and while everyone may not know your name, you’ll feel like they do!

17 South Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, CA

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