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Day 181: Beyond The Olive

Last Thursday, some of the 365 Things To Do Fans joined me on the Melting Pot Food Tour through Old Pasadena.  The tour itself was fantastic.  Not only did we have a chance to try out new restaurants and visit specialty shops like Heritage Wine Company, Mignon Chocolatier and The Soap Kitchen, but we also learned about Old Pasadena dating back to its origins from Lisa Scalia, the owner of the company.

One of our stops was Beyond The Olive, a specialty store dedicated to high quality extra virgin oils and vinegars.

What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Beyond the Olive was created in 2009 by husband and wife team, Chip and Crystal Reibel. During the past few years, Chip and Crystal have learned to understand and appreciate the positive attributes and aspects of high-quality extra virgin olive oil. In addition to the terrific taste, they soon learned of the countless health benefits that also come from this tasty treat. As Chip and Crystal shared their new love for high-quality extra virgin olive oil with their friends and family, it became apparent that most consumers have not had the opportunity to experience a premium quality extra virgin olive oil nor are they aware of the tremendous health benefits.

Beyond The Olive

It’s a fascinating store in many ways, not only do you get personal attention from Chip and Crystal who feel strongly about educating consumers about the different oils, how they are made and what their benefits are.  But, you also have an opportunity to learn about the proper way of tasting the Olive Oils and Vinegars, as well as get some hints on how best to use them.

Here’s Crystal Reibel telling us a little bit about the store history and demonstrating how to taste Olive Oil – not unlike wine in many ways:

Once you buy your olive oil, you can come back for refills.  Just bring the original bottle for the special refill price.  There are also lip balms and other fun items available for purchase – perfect for the holiday season.

Beyond The Olive
10 North Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91103


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