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Day 161: Mignon Chocolate

There are certain perks to writing for 365 Things To Do In Pasadena and visiting Mignon Chocolate to learn all about their hand-crafted chocolates is one of them.  Did I say learn?  Hmmm… ok, I meant taste… ok, eat my way through Mignon Chocolate.

Mignon Chocolate is a 3rd generation, family business producing the most exquisite delectables in Old Town Pasadena for almost two years now.   These are very unique, bite sized treasures featuring flavors like Cuban Mojito, Chili Pepper, the award winning Ginger with Lime Sea Salt and for the more traditional chocolate lovers 62% Dark Ganache (one of my favorites!), Grand marnier Truffle, Liquid Caramel among others.

Mignon Chocolate

Interesting Chocolate History

This Chocolatier was established by Hovsep Ter-Poghosian Sr. in 1910 in Kharkov, Ukraine and started out as a bakery specializing in breads like baguettes.  However, as their busienss grew, the bakery portion expanded to include sweets.  After the revolution, the Communist regime took over Ukraine, one of the republics of the Soviet Union.  Hovsep Sr. was arrested and sent to Siberia as a prisoner.  Reason for the arrest?  He became a notable and successful businessman, who has accumulated a great fortune.

His family were able to migrate to Tehran, Iran during Hovsep’s absence and after 4 years of imprisonment and torture, Hovsep Sr. joined his family to pursue his dream.  Sometime around 1935, he borrowed money from friends and opened a new bakery in the center of Iranian Capital.  With his capitalistic views, the business grew and became a household name among the Armenian, Russian, Jewish and Greek communities.

Hovsep Sr. passed away in 1946 and his children took over the bakery.  In 1962, a visit to Europe inspired them to buy machinery to begin manufacture of chocolate.  After several months of testing, the chocolate hit the store shelves.  This was a new beginning which made Mignon what it is today.  The family moved to United States and opened their Mignon Chocolate manufacturing plant in Van Nuys in 2003 followed by two retail stores in Glendale and Old Town Pasadena.  The rest is history!

Hovsep’s grandson Joe Terpoghosian shares with us what makes Mignon Chocolate special:

Not only are these chocolates absolutely delish, but they are totally gorgeous!  If you are looking for a special gift (holidays are just around the corner!) or would like to  treat yourself to the best chocolate in town, stop on by Mignon Chocolate and let me know what you think!

Special for 365 Things To Do In Pasadena Fans – Mention 365 Things Pasadena and you will get a 10% discount and a free sample! Can’t get any better than that!

Mignon Chocolate
6 East Holly Street
Pasadena, CA

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