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Day 38: Hiking Pasadena’s Eaton Canyon

How about a hike on day 38 of 365 Things To Do In Pasadena?

Alright Pasadena, now that we’ve eaten our way through our lovely city,  it’s time to get out there and burn some calories!

Today we visit Eaton Canyon. Nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains lies a 190-acre zoological, botanical, and geological nature preserve.

Take a ride up Altadena Drive and you’ll find yourself in a little bit of Pasadena nature paradise.

There are hiking trails, equestrian paths, picnic areas and if you’re brave enough to trek through the passage  a waterfall!

Our PasadenaViews team was up to challenge and decided to take the 1½ mile hike into the canyon.  The view was certainly worth every step.

Should you decide to head out to Eaton Canyon, be sure to take comfortable walking or hiking shoes, bring plenty of sunscreen and water, and of course a camera and a towel! We wouldn’t want you to make that hike and not share YOUR waterfall photos with us.

Pasadena’s Hidden Wonder

This trail  isn’t the most challenging hike you will encounter, but there is certainly climbing involved. As we were on the trail we encountered many families heading up to enjoy a picnic at the bed of the falls. Of course, what is a family trip without bringing along your favorite four-legged pet to take in the view and chase tennis balls into the water.

This hike is a great way to get out an enjoy a little sun and take in the beauty that nature has to offer. There are many little stops along the trail that offer a shaded rest area for you to enjoy.

If you aren’t up for a hike, there are a variety a nature trails also. One in particular is the Junior Nature Trail, this trail starts at the north end of the Employee Parking Lot and winds around the area near the Nature Center.  It is flat and fitting for small children and people who are physically limited.  The total distance is less than a ¼ mile. This trail was developed for small children in memory of Mary Shannon, who was a volunteer at the nature center for many years. The Student Naturalists of Eaton Canyon refurbished it in 1999.  The students ask that you please encourage children to stop, look, and listen for birds and other wildlife on the trail.

Which ever path you choose to take let us know what beauties of nature you discover in Eaton Canyon!

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