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Day 34: Comedy Traffic Classes in Pasadena

Day 34 of 365 Things To Do In Pasadena brings us laughter!

As we journey through Old Pasadena and Paseo Colorado I’m reminded of our local laugh center the Ice House Comedy Club.

The club was opened by Pasadena businessman Willard Chilcott on September 23, 1960. Shortly after it’s opening, nightclub veteran Bob Stane took over and guided the club overseeing 18 magical years of laughs and transformation.
With its live  music and comedy entertainment, it was a hit and The Ice House quickly became Pasadena’s “Place to Be”.  The tradition has carried on and the Ice House has always been a great place to gather with friends and family to have a laugh and enjoy the entertainment.

The very first comedian to take the stage at the Ice House was Pat Paulsen. He would apply paint into his hair and suspend himself upside down from a rope. Using his hair as a brush he would slosh paint onto canvass and sell his “cranial paintings” after the show.

In 1978, the Ice House was purchased by a group of business people and it was at that time that an all comedy format was established.

In more recent years the Ice House has hosted comedians such as George Carlin, Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, Billy Crystal, Robbin Williams and George Lopez recorded a live album inside the club. Over 50 live albums have been recorded within the legendary walls of The Ice House since its opening.

Looking for a fun alternative to traffic school?

The Ice House offers Saturday traffic school classes. If you have to complete the course why not get a laugh out of it!

The most recent Ice House break out in 2009 wasn’t even a comedian it was a giant fork! It started off as a  prank to celebrate the 75th Birthday of Bob Stane, and turned into the symbol of the largest food drive in the city of Pasadena. This fork is standing about 18 ft. high and is placed on an island where the road divides into St. John and Pasadena Avenue.

So, if your thinking you want a break from the old “dinner and a movie routine”, head over to the Ice House Comedy Club.  They have weekly specials and their line up is always changing.

Do you have a favorite comedian performing at the Ice House soon? If so we’d like to hear about him or her!

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