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Day 226: Christmas and New Year Traditions

Pasadena Christmas

May your day be blessed and merry Pasadena!

Day 226 of 365 Things To Do in Pasadena shares some of the seasons traditions and celebrations.

Today, we step outside Pasadena and travel around the world…

Let’s begin with a little story on Santa Claus, or as he was originally known, Sinter Klaas.

According the the History Channel, Sinter Klass was born about 280 A.D. in Patra, we know it as modern day Turkey. It is believed that he gave away all of his inherited wealth and traveled to the countryside to help the poor and sick. One of the most common stories told of him, is how he saved 3 sisters from being sold into slavery by their father, by providing a dowry for each of them to be married. As the story goes, Sinter Claus rode to the fathers house on a white horse and dropped 3 bags of gold coins down the chimney. The girls stockings which were hanging by the fireplace to dry, captured the bags of gold and they were saved.

Holiday trees originated in Germany. It is believed that the Germans were the first to brings trees into their homes to decorate. Candy canes are said to be very commonly used as tree decorations by Germans and Europeans.

Story has it, that the original candy cane peppermint sticks were solid white, shaped like a shepherd’s staff, and were handed out to children during nativity Services in Europe.  According to AllThingsChristmas.com, the red and white candy canes we know today have special meaning, the white represents Christ’s purity, the red represents His bloodshed, and the three stripes represent the Holy Trinity.

In Mexico, the holiday celebration is known as La Posada, It is a religious processional that reenacts Joseph and Mary looking for shelter. On Christmas Day children receive gifts of candy by breaking open the pinata and retrieving the treats that fall. Children that are good will receive a gift on January 6th from the Wise Men. Many believe that is the day when the wise men arrived in Bethlehem and presented their gifts to baby Jesus.

In Japan, the big holiday celebration takes place on New Years Eve. It is the most important holiday in Japan. On December 31st and traditionally you have to eat noodles to ensure you live a long life. Also, it is customary to visit a temple or shrine and throw money to pray for the New Year.  Gongs sound off at midnight and the celebrations continue until January 3rd.

In Russia, the celebration of the season is also New Years Eve! It includes a brightly decorated New Years Tree and family gatherings and the exchange of gifts. Father Frost and his granddaughter Snow Girl, bring gifts for the children and leave them under their tree.The New Year is celebrated though January 13th, and the the Julian Calendar New Year is celebrated on January 14th.

Do you have holiday traditions you’d like to share with us?

We at the Pasadena Views Real Estate Team, wish you and yours a joyful Christmas Day and delightful gatherings throughout the New Year! 😉

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