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Blurry Home for Sale – Photo of the Day

If I was a home seller and this was my house, I’d be pretty unhappy with my real estate agent. I don’t know about you, but it pains me to look at this home listing’s photo. This is the only home photo that is in the Multiple Listing Service.

The description of this home claims that this Arcadia home is a “nice and lovely 2 bedroom”. The real estate agent goes on to say that “this property has great opportunity for all types of use” (misspellings corrected by yours truly) and that this Arcadia home has an “additional 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom without permit”.

What exactly does “all types of use” mean? Real estate is zoned for a specific use. This is residential real estate zoned for a single family residence ONLY! There should be no additional illegal additions and advertised implications that this is okay. YIKES!

Now, this Arcadia home seller is in trouble. They are trying to sell this home as a short sale. This means that the home seller owes more money to the bank on this home than what it is worth. They are hoping that this real estate agent will be able to effectively negotiate with the bank or banks (depending on how many loans they have on this property) on their behalf to save their credit worthiness.

Would you hire a real estate agent that would market your home for sale like this? Most consumers do more research when they buy a computer or decide to sell their car.

It really, really saddens me to see this. What do you think?


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